Our Firm

Jewell Financial Services (JFS) founder Marc Jewell is a life long resident of Kettering.  The firm was founded on the idea that planning your financial life is not just about facts, figures, returns but about actually delivering the desired end results for our clients. If the goal is financial independence,  it's not only about how big the pot of money is as much as do I have enough income to do what I want to do.

Our job is to help you remove the roadblocks between you and your dreams and true objectives, such as financial independence.

To take the focus away from how well did I perform relative to one of the many indices out there such as S&P 500 to how did I perform relative to MY GOALS and MY PLAN.  Am I on track ? 

Simply stated, our job is to help you arrive where you want to go, to arrive on time, and to make the trip there as smooth as possible.

If I don’t know where I am going any road will take me there.  So lets plan a trip…. A trip to financial independence.  Just like planning a vacation, we should start with an idea of where you want to go.  That gives us a general direction.  Next let’s figure out how you want to get there?  Do you want the fastest most direct route that might include some pretty bumpy roads, or would you rather a more leisurely scenic route that is as smooth as possible?   Or maybe something in-between. 

Next we better take a look at our means of transportation.  How is that vehicle anyway?  Is it in good enough shape to take this journey, or should we look at some preventative maintenance now?  We wouldn’t set foot on an airplane or a cruise ship if we didn’t feel confident that it could make the whole journey right?   Plus wouldn’t need to take a jumbo jet if my destination was only 100 miles away.  Picking the right means to get us there is sometimes as important.

Well as you embark on this journey one thing we can count on is that there will be surprises along the way. Let us help you navigate those surprises